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[This is very long and personal, and very grim. You may believe me or not, I won't contradict you. I want no more fights.]

I know there are still some of you watching me who remember him (though, might as well call him a "her"), back when we were "together".
Now, due to the traumatic events that I endured, I was afraid to openly talk about my experiences.

I think a background is to be given at first.

I was 13, I was making friends on a pg side called dragonadopters, drawing and exchanging art. Somehow I made friends with a new person, and exchanged mails. They acted really feminine, and had a common girl name as their email username, so I obviously thought they were a girl. Which they later confirmed. At one point, I think we talked about our sexualities. At that time, I was extremely homophobic while exploring myself, and forced myself to "fit the norm" and only seek males as romantic partners (despite being a lesbian myself). When she found out, apparently she made a new account, claiming the email before was her "cousin's". Now she was claiming that she was a 2-year older dutch boy, despite speaking fluid romanian (and later, very broken, google-translator ish dutch). I bought the cake. I was young. I was innocent. At first i rejected their advances, but later when they turned they eyes to someone else i got jealous. I was emotionally very unstable, having endured severe trauma and loss (my father and literally half of my family got erased in traffc accidents, as a result mom couldn;t handle the life of being single and used to abuse me), and i was clingy, locking onto anyone who promised me stability. After a long feud, and "his" new girlfriend not taking his shit anymore and dumping him, he put his eyes on me, the desperate, depressed, suicidal and easy to manipulate girl. IT was easy, promises of romance, a stable future. I slowly believed i loved him, but i only loved the idea of him. When he realised I was in his utter control, he started to slowl manipulate me. He pretended he had a serious heart disease, and the littlest of stress or triggers would get him "near to death", he blamed every single negative happening on me, telling me how he'd cut himself so deep the blood would gush out, he'd put these terrible images in my head, and the weight and burden and responsibility of something that had nothing to do with myself, but iwas trapped. Stockholm Syndrome I suppose you could've called it...I was so rooted in lies and dreams, i refused to aknowledge the bullshit and abuse thrown at me. Later, even worse things happened, when we discovered our sexuality together,,,he'd always be abusive, forcing himself onto me, even roleplaying unwanted rape on me. Later using it as a "punishment" whenever i didn't behave as an obedient slave. I was terrified. Especially when children were involved. I don't even want to descibe the things she said to me under the mask of that dutch boy. They even forced me to undress on cam, claiming that if i don't do it they'll cut themselves and kill themselves. I was 13 or 14.

Later, when i started to break, delving so far into my depression that i would constantly try to kill myself. cutting the words of my abuser in my flesh while she was laughing in her chair, skin spotless. She enjoyed the drama, the tears, the msichief. She loved being in control and playing god.

Until she decided to show her true self.
At noe point, she decided to test me, unable to keep up the dutch facade (i kept asking for a microphone, a photo, anything, i only got photos that got traced to underground, polish dating sites. but i bought it. i told " him" i could buy him a microphone myself and ship it, they didn want to. When i decided to trace their IP when we were playing in hamachi, i found out it went back to a city in romania. I was puzzled. and angered..), so she told me who she really was.

She said she looekd a bit like me,1 year younger , wearing glasses, shorter, with darker brown hair. That her name was Irina M (i will not mention the full name, even if this is an abuser i respect confidentiality), from the same city in romania that i backtraced that time.

I was so disressed, after 3 repeated times to show her true face, she decided to dump her "Tersakoff" account, making a new one with the same style. An account she's been using until now. At one point "Tersakoff" made a journal on deviantart, explaiing how they're leaving "The internet" for good and giving away their steam account with games (most oftem bouth from me, and inventory full of content they stole from my account they broke into before i dumped him) and guess who replied and got the account? The same "new" twin. Who happens to be a female. From romania. Gee. What a coincidence.

Now, I know you stalk me all the time. You copied most of my characters (Emdiiz at first, then Chromatika and Kerubiel, evne when we were together they'd constantly copy original elements from my characters to put into their stupid sona.) and keep up this bullshit until now. But people deserve to know the truth.
You're pathetic, an emotional vampire that feeds on the misfortune and control of others because you are so insecure with yourself.

To be honest, I feel sad about you, anger is an emotion I don't feel should be wasted on you.

The accountso f the "dead"/disabled/abandoned account is Tersakoff on FA/dA . , Zeberius on FA,

Since all of these are inactive and/or deactivated as remnants of their past persona, there's no reason I can't publicize them.

You may believe me or not, this is the last time I'm mentioning this anymore.

I'm happy, finally found someone who deserves me,and whom i deserve to~ Me and :icons-y-l: will soon move in together andmaybegetengaged>//w//> so the future is looking nicely. I'm doing great in college, i've evolved from the nasty suicidal teen to a healthy, happy student with goals and dreams andaveryhotgirlfriend.
So, I'm leaving the past behind me. Let this be the last time I dig this up.

Just please, avoid this person. They're sick and toxic, and I wouldn't wish those 3/4 years of torture upon anyone. 

EDIT: Some Proof. She pretended to be in the hospital while their "friend" Chris who talks and writes exactly the same was being the same kind of abusive she usually was.……………

I wanted to show her some drawing ideas I had that I was very excited about, so i left a dA note so i wouldnt be a bother:…

guilt trip in romanian, can translate…

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