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Stole this from :iconglattax: (their art is amazing holy shit)

1. If you could be adopted into any famous family, which would it be?
Tbh most famous families seem...extremely disfunctional. I'm happy with my cute poor family that accepts and loves me for who I am.

2. What will you do after graduation(in general)?
aha I already graduated HS, and all I did after graduating HS was jump right into my game design bachelor. I'm currently year 1 so there's lots of time to graduate...
I don't have any specific plans other than being with :iconxylophil: and exploring the world together. Whatever happens happens and I will love it

3. Any plans for summer?
Settling down with :iconxylophil: and then going to see my homecountry and get drunk/high on the beaches and mountains.

4. What would your dream house look like?
A comfy lil house, only big enough to hold my family and my pets. I don't like huge houses...
I want a BIG garden so I can plant and paint in it, and make a terrapin rescue pond in it. (people treat turtles so gross...they're some of the most tortured common pets)

5. Favorite MCU movie?
meh. I prefer some of the older comics but In general the movies are pretty watered down and dumb.

X-men is the only good thing that exists tbh. I love the cartoons (especially the 80's one I used to watch when i was a kid) , the movies...I-I don't know to be honest lmaooo. They weren't remarkable enough for me to remember them.

6. Have you ever been in a fistfight?
Yeah, defensively. In elementary lmao..
A guy punched me in the stomach expecting to bully and make me cry but I ended up chasing and hitting him all across the school hallways.

Needless to say he changed schools.

7. What not-yet-released movie are you looking forward to the most?
I want monster lesbians that isn't pandering to men

8. What are three things you can't live without, not counting your computer/phone, loved ones and life necessities(oxygen, food etc)?
Drawing and everything related to it, being an empath (even if it hurts at times, it's a gift to feel so much around you), the ability and love of helping other people

9. Which sport would you like to be really good at?
I just want to get better at endurance and breathing in general lmao..before I even think of practicing a sport again.

10. If you had the ability to play any musical instrument, which would it be?
electric guitar
and guitars in general
I started learning but i'm rly bad lmao

11. What's your best subject in school?
Right now? Concept art. lol.

12. Mac or PC?
who uses mac unironically?

13. What did you look like when you were thirteen?
I was pale, had dark, bruised-looking eyes, a dead 30km stare and self harm cuts and punch bruises all over my body. Also anorexic from depression and self harm.  And spine problems from staying curled up/hunched over all the time because I simply was too depressed to even hold my body up.

Not to mention my acnee erupted also around that time lmaooo...fucc.

I'm glad I'm a completely different person now.

1. Where do you think you are in 5 years?
Traveling with :iconxylophil: .//w//.

2. Do you think you have to be vegan to be an animal lover? If yes why? If no why?
A true animal lover understands life, and understands the fact that things need to be consumed for other things to sustain themselves.
Most vegans are dilusional, and bully people into feeling bad about an animal's death.

Well gues what, bois, almost all plant life has been proven to react to pain and a lot of other physical stimuli. They feel pain. They hurt.

Everything hurts when you kill it. If vegans wanted to save animals from unecessary pain, they should focus on the american style farms and taking those down, and educate people about choosing their meat and making sure it comes from an ethical source, just like taxidermists do with their work.
Not to mention that the only people who can healthily sustain a non-animal product diet are EXCEPTIONS .

Congrats, you won the genetic lottery . Now stop being classist pieces of shit and telling people they're murderers for eating meat.

3. What good personality traits do you have?
idk i guess i'm open and very loving, and i try my best to be objective and empathetic

4. What bad personality traits do you have?

i have a hard time controlling my negative emotions, they often push through and make me be...not me. It happens in specific situations but it is very scary. also i have a very dirty mouth

5. Which personalities do you get along the best with?
Literally anyone as long as you're not an abusive asshole or trying to secretly get smt from me

5. Do you have many birthmarks? do you wish you had or do you wish you didn't?

on my hands and the vaccination mark everyone probably has on their shoulders
i think birthmarks are cyot

6. What makes you stressed?
feeling like i have no time

7. Do you have a phobia?

not really

8. What is the happiest memory you have? 
meeting :iconxylophil: for the first time and getting to touch and hold them...
itwasthebestdayofmylifetofinallymeetmysoulmate <333
every memory with them is the happiest

9. If you could change your situation into anything else what would it be?

being less of a chaotic fuck and taking my responsibilities properly..

10. Sexuality? (u don't have answer if it's personal)
idk, anything that doesnt have a dickie

11. If you had to identify with one animal, which animal would it be?

one of the species of crane we have in romania, both are beautiful
I identify more with a willow tree though,,whichisn'tananimal

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